Qualified Tutors:  U of T Medical school & Harvard

Alexi,B.A. neuroscience, Cum Laude

Harvard graduate, U of T medical student with 7 years of proven tutoring experience, Alexi received both his SSGD and IB diploma (42 points) from the Toronto French School. Scoring a 98th percentile for his first and only MCAT exam and a similar score for his SAT's, Alexi is highly qualified tutor and is fully trilingual in English French and Spanish.  With a 4.0 in math from Harvard Alexi knows his material well and how to explain it. "Having an educator as a mom instilled in me a passion for teaching and the ability to plan lessons according to individual student needs." A former Team Canada athlete, Alexi understands how to motivate and uncover the drive it takes to get ahead.

Andrea, Bachelor of Health Sciences

Medical student at the University of Toronto, Andrea obtained her honours  bachelor in health sciences  at Wilfrid Laurier University with a  double minor in chemistry and biology. Andrea was a supplemental instructional leader for first year biology and an instructional assistant for organic chemistry in her third and fourth undergraduate years. She is also very interested in epidemiology and population health research and methods. In her undergraduate thesis Andrea studied the adherence to preventive health screenings, eventually hoping to improve health in Canada. Andrea also mentors students interested in a science or med school career path, sharing her journey and offering tips and advice.

Tutoring first year university biology and chemistry, introductory organic chemistry and statistics she also helps with any high school science course including physics and all math courses at any age. 

Andrea's approach is to understand each individual student and thoroughly assess strengths and weaknesses before coming up with a tailored study plan. 

Ali, Bachelor of  Science

Medical student at the University of Toronto, Ali has a profound passion for teaching, academics, and mentorship. As a senior biochemistry student at McMaster University, he served as a teaching assistant (TA) for undergraduate biology and chemistry, where students voted “TA of the year”. After obtaining a seat at UofT’s faculty of medicine, Ali decided to mentor the next generation of aspiring physicians by teaching an introductory Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) course at three campuses across the GTA (UofT, York, and UTM). Ultimately, Ali hopes to pursue a clinician-educator role that balances his enthusiasm for teaching with his interest in the medical sciences.

Julien, 4th year undergraduate

Harvard Student majoring in Psychology, minoring in Economics, Julien specializes in tutoring young children in math, french, reading, writing and other subjects. With older students he typically focuses on  Math, Economics English, international languages and mentoring. He also specializes in tutoring for the LSAT having scored above the 97th percentile at 170 and has recently published in the Duke Law Journal. Julien inspires his students towards the path to excellence and has worked with some the most cited legal scholars in the world. Julien will be attending Law School after completing Harvard.


Sam, 4th year undergraduate - on a gap year

Harvard Student Entering his fourth year at Harvard University this fall,  Sam will be graduating with the class of 2022 majoring in Computer Science with Honours, and minoring in Economics. Pertinent coursework has included statistics, linear algebra, multivariable calculus and data structures and analysis. During his time at Harvard Sam has been selected as a John Harvard Scholar, awarded to students in the top 5% of their class.  At Harvard, Sam has worked for several years as a tutor in Harvard’s introductory economics course in addition to tutoring with YMTS. As a varsity co-captain student athlete Sam understands what it takes to push through a challenge..

Qualified Piano teacher, O.C.T.

(Registered with Ontario College of Teachers)


Educational Consultant

Nancy,OCT, B.ED, Hon BFA, RCM certified

Certified high school Music and Visual Arts teacher with over 20 years experience, Nancy raised two sons that went on to study at Harvard University and understands how to motivate students for success. She recommends lesson for any age from child to adult starting at age 5. There are many advantages to starting early including a greater chance at developing perfect pitch. But adults can also have great musical success and enjoyment with Nancy's approach. Nancy is also a composer and professional artist. Given her background and experience, Nancy understands the value of education and offers high quality instruction, teaching the RCM method and popular styles including theory. Along with tutoring, Nancy also offers educational consulting, sharing her experience guiding her own children through their educational journey to a top Ivy League school. Sounds unique? It is! 


For more information: yorkmillstutoring@gmail.com - excellent references happily forwarded upon request 

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