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Certified high school Music and Visual Arts teacher with 20+ years experience, Nancy raised two sons, both graduates of Harvard University, now students of Medicine and Law, attending the most prestigious programs in Canada. Nancy understands how to motivate and guide students for success as she did with her own children.


Whether a serious musician or just looking to learn music for fun, there is no limit to age recommendations (from 4 years up). There are many advantages to starting piano lessons early including a greater chance at developing perfect pitch. But adults can also have great musical success and enjoyment with Nancy's customized approach.


Given her background and experience, Nancy understands the value of education and offers high quality instruction, teaching the RCM method (as an RCM certified teacher) and popular styles including how to be an original composer! Along with tutoring, Nancy also offers educational consulting, sharing her experience guiding her own children through their educational journey to a top Ivy League school.