With the current health advisory to socially distance, and schools closed off and on, there has never been a better time to seek a quality online tutor for your child.


At York Mills Tutoring Studio we offer top notch help from Canadian Med school students, Harvard students and professional teachers (OCT) for all ages and levels. Most subjects are offered in both  French and English and includes university level sciences, math and the Arts. Along with traditional tutoring help with homework, these sessions may include tips to succeed, mentoring, exploring pathways to med school or educational consulting upon request. We even provide quality piano instruction from a certified teacher with decades of experience! For our younger students, the emphasis is on the joy of learning and early motivation.  York Mills Tutoring Studio provides access to these services at the same time. In some cases this makes your scheduling a one stop process.


It is our belief and experience that children benefit from tutoring as young as age 5 and the sooner students start to develop motivation and form patterns in their learning, the better their future outcome.  We truly want to see your child succeed. Mentoring from a successful student-tutor can make a big difference in your child's future. This is something that makes our tutors unique. Because of their impressive academic backgrounds, they have lots of tips on how your child can aim to succeed with extra ambition.

The road to academic success is not an easy one. As a former Team Canada athlete and top scholar I have learned...


"All students have the potential to achieve their academic dreams when given the right support. While there is no

one secret, it is a combination of many factors including seizing every available opportunity, pushing ahead regardless of setbacks, and always setting the bar high."  Alexi 

Learning to play the piano provides your child with a lifetime of enjoyment, a way to relax, and an outlet for creative expression.


"What I have learned from decades of teaching is that every child is unique and can produce beautiful music. I have seen how piano lessons can help instil routine and structure in learning and offers the perfect complement with academic rigor."   Nancy